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Alaska Technical Training is now Global Technical Services
Please visit us on our new page: www.gdiving.com/global-technical-services

Marty Anderson
Marty Anderson
Alysha Tannahill
Alysha Tannahill
Administrative Coordinator
Alaska Technical
Auditing and Consulting Services
Welcome to Alaska Technical. Here you will find information regarding training / consulting services offered through the company. These services include training for on-site inspections utilizing various non-destructive testing methods, as well as on-continuing education/consulting in these same methods. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is used in a wide range of industries across the world, including oil exploration and development, aviation, and infrastructure.

In addition to NDT, Alaska Technical provides auditing and assessments in compliance with written practices and quality management systems (QMS). Auditing and assessment services include vendor surveillance and internal assessments to ensure compliance
to the QMS.

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